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Top Selling Sowbaghya Commercial Wet Grinder

Sowbaghya introduces an upgraded version of kitchen appliances with top-notch operation and technology. It is best known for its brand reputation. Our Sowbaghya wet grinders are fitted with a high capacity stainless steel drum with numerous salient features.

Salient Features of Sowbaghya Wet Grinder:

        Highly efficient machine.

        Easy to use and clean.

        Perfect and Smooth grinding.

        Powerful motor for optimum operation.

        Multipurpose usage of the drum.

        Optional additional attachments like Dough Kneader and Coconut grater.

        Rust and corrosion-free material.

        Less or No Noise Wet grinder.


Get our home appliance collections at the cheapest price. No compromisation on brand quality. 24/7 Service is available. You can have reliable and trouble-free Sowbaghya wet grinder online store.


Types & Size of Commercial Wet Grinder:

1.      Sowbaghya Commercial Tilting Wet Grinder - 40 Litre

2.      Sowbaghya Commercial SS Tilting Wet Grinder - 10 Litre

3.      Sowbaghya Commercial SS Tilting Wet Grinder - 30 Litre

4.      Sowbaghya Commercial Tilting Wet Grinder - 5 Litre

Order now for the powerful commercial wet grinder that is capable of catering to the requirements of small to large hotels and mass kitchen needs. Comment us below for any queries. Enquire for New year seasonal offer at Sowbagya.



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